Editorial: Pension age considerations

POSTED: 07/13/12 12:05 PM

That at least one union leader objects to plans to raise the retirement age is understandable, but we think that a national discussion about this issue is still warranted. In fact we would argue that is an absolute necessity. We are sure that there are a wealth of opinions on this matter and so the national debate should be a rich mix of people who are for or against and the factual reasons why they take a particular position.

There is one matter that we think should be central in this discussion and that is the strain a particular profession brings with it. One should think about whether it is fair to ask people in especially strenuous professions like construction, farming, health care and yes education to continue working after a certain age.

What also needs to be considered is the fact that the earlier people retire, the earlier their wealth of expertise is taken out of the active working population. This should be addressed by finding ways to ensure that knowledge transfer is taking place as people age and move up the ladder and others come into the work force in the functions their elders leave vacant.

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