Opinion: Cash cow

POSTED: 07/12/12 12:03 PM

The United People’s Party will soon experience what it feels like to be in the opposition. Earlier this month the faction submitted draft legislation to the parliament that aims to squeeze 40 percent more stay-over taxes out of timeshare tourists. That legislation seems to be a dead letter before it has even been discussed in a central committee meeting after Finance Minister Roland Tuitt announced yesterday that his ministry is working on a simpler tax system.
Part of that simpler system is the idea to group certain taxes. Which taxes will be bundled with which other taxes is unclear at this moment, but Tuitt announced already that the stay-over tax will be among them.
The purpose of the system the minister has in mind is to lighten the administrative burden on companies and on the receiver’s office. That’s a lofty goal that most people will appreciate.
Tuitt did not comment on the tax-increase the opposition wants to shove onto timeshare tourists, but it stands to reason to assume that when the ministry is working on a new tax system that includes bundling stay-over tax with other taxes, that the tariffs will be once more up for debate as well.
For the time being timeshare owners won’t have to worry about a hefty increase in their taxes. But even though, at least part of the political establishment has this hefty increase in mind and that sends the wrong message to our visitors: you’re more than welcome here but please remember that we consider you as a cash cow.

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