Letter: Beware of house slaves

POSTED: 07/12/12 12:07 PM

Dear Editor,

House slaves are people never to be trusted. In St. Maarten we have the elite house slaves (Ministers and Parliament of St. Maarten) who believe because of their position and salary that they must be loyal to the establishment (Foreign interest and American, European interest not forgetting illegal immigrants).
Just recently a former minister Theo Heyliger said St. Maarten should go for independence. Guess what he did not say? He did not say let’s recognize grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage in the constitution. So my question to Mr. Heyliger is how you are going for independence with a country where the St. Maartener does not exist? Where were you when you were in power and how come you never asked parliament to institute laws that will benefit the grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage so they can become self-reliant. Please sir, stop being a deceiver.
Now we have Mr. Roland Duncan bullying his way through parliament because the boys and girls in parliament do not have the backbone to put him in his place. What we are seeing is a class example of house slaves out of control with a bridge to nowhere. What Mr. Duncan should be doing is bullying his way through parliament to establish laws for the grass roots people of St. Maarten Heritage, but like a loyal house slave he takes his whip and beat the little boys and girls in parliament and makes sure foreign interest is upheld in St. Maarten. But I give him credit for this, when you have donkeys you should ride them.
My fellow Patriots the house slaves in St. Maarten were trained well by their master. They were taught to feel and act better than your brothers and sister who is out in the field by showing them what the master gives you for being loyal. Master gives you a big car and big salaries so you can do what you were trained to do: destroy your own grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage as to make the master happy. Master taught all house slaves to teach the field slave never to rebel. And he kept them divided by telling them never to sacrifice and think of themselves first. That’s why the house slaves love keeping their grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage down.
The key is for the house slaves to keep their job at the expense of the grassroots people. So my fellow patriots stand up, rebel against the house slaves and emancipate yourself from tyranny. Never trust house slaves. They are confused deceivers who know no loyalty to their own people. These people are vindictive and false. They continue to exploit the grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage and cater to an establishment that is anti-St. Maarten. But they all make a big mistake. Nothing lasts forever and soon you all will be out of power and will have to live in the same filth you have created for all of us. Remember what goes around comes around. Glory to God and I trust he will bring judgment on the house slaves for selling grassroots people of St. Maarten heritage to extinction.

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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