Hughes places lien on Wathey accounts

POSTED: 07/6/12 11:54 AM

St. Maarten – Stanley Leopald Hughes has placed liens on the bank accounts of the heirs of Norman Chester Wathey to force compliance with a court ruling which states he has legal rights to a portion of the Wathey estate. Copies of the documents related to the lien have also been filed at the Public Prosecutor’s office.
Hughes has placed the liens because the Watheys have so far failed to comply with a court ruling to make payments within 30 days of an April 13 ruling. They also failed to respond to a summons to make the payments at the bailiff’s office. The note from the bailiff clearly indicated that non-compliance would lead to seizure of both movable and immovable property.
The failure to comply means that the Watheys must also pay a 20,000 guilder for every day they do not comply up to a maximum of 25 million guilders. So far the penalty debt stands at 460,000 guilders because it has been 23 days since the ruling.
The liens have been placed at accounts at Windward Islands Bank and RBC Royal Bank N.V.

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