Editorial: No Resort and Spa (St. Maarten Prison)

POSTED: 07/6/12 12:01 PM

Justice Minister Roland Duncan took a clear position in yesterday’s Central Committee meeting on all issues related to the Pointe Blanche prison and its residents.
The minister made it clear that the Inmates Association has some introspection to do and to ask itself the question up to which point it is to blame for many things that are indeed wrong in the prison.
Duncan notes that he is meeting resistance every step of the way. Yet he remains committed to sticking to the law, and to abiding by court rulings that went against him.
At the same time, the minister made clear that he finds himself between a rock and a hard place – with plenty of plans but not enough money to execute them.
Pointe Blanche will not be turned into a Resort and Spa, the minister said, sending a clear message up the hill that the inmates need to instill a better sense of reality in themselves and in the people they represent.
The minister’s position will without any doubt lead to a lot of discussion and maybe also to more actions in the prison. Whatever will happen, at least the inmates know now where the minister stands on many of the issues they have brought to public attention many times.

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