No control on truck drivers that ignore banned hours

POSTED: 07/5/12 1:34 PM

St. Maarten – “That is a valid comment,” Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said at yesterday’s press briefing in answer to a question by this newspaper about the control on heavy traffic on the roads during hours they are not supposed to be there according to the Traffic Ordinance.
Heavy traffic is not allowed to be on the road between six thirty and eight thirty in the morning and between twelve noon and two o’clock in the afternoon. Yet, this newspaper has witnessed on numerous occasions that trucks passed between a quarter to eight in the morning and a quarter past eight by the spot on Sucker Garden road where Silvia Lynch died on May 6 of last year.
This accident occurred when a truck loaded with gravel ignored a school bus that was parked halfway across the road near the Gas King store. Silvia Lynch had just stepped out of the school bus and she was fatally hit by the runaway truck. The accident happened at a moment – at twenty past one in the afternoon – when the truck should not have been on the road.
Yesterday morning a truck loaded with breeze blocks passed the point of the Lynch-accident at about a quarter past eight, immediately followed by a truck from a company that empties septic tanks. The first truck had an unclear number plate, while the second truck carried outdated French number plates.
“Why not post a sign at the border points to inform those drivers of the hours they are not supposed to be on the road?” this newspaper asked.
PM Wescot-Williams said, “It is a matter of living up to controls. It actually came up in the Council of Ministers last week and we spoke about it with Justice Minister Duncan. The police force has so much on its plate that it does not get around to controlling everything that needs to be controlled.”

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