Liat pilots safely land with one engine

POSTED: 07/5/12 1:30 PM

AIRPORT – Passengers travelling on LIAT flight 369 to St. Maarten via St. Kitts had the scare of their lives on Monday evening when one of the engines of the aircraft stopped. Pandemonium reportedly broke out on the aircraft and passengers had to be restrained by the stewardess because they thought that the aircraft was going down in the Caribbean Sea.
According to reports, the Dash 8 aircraft did a safe single engine landing at the Princess Juliana International Airport at about 8:30 p.m. Several passengers came off the aircraft and kissed the ground while others hurried into the terminal building.
“I thought that we were all dead, when I saw the engine stop in mid air, and many of the passengers were crying,” one passenger said after the ordeal.
The aircraft is still on the ground and parked in the vicinity of the Meteorological Office. Efforts to reach the Communications Officer of LIAT Desmond Brown at Corporate Headquarters in Antigua has proved futile.

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