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POSTED: 07/2/12 9:58 PM

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt called for the board of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten to approve the bank’s budget earlier this week. He called it irresponsible that they have yet to do so with the year half over. On Friday another sign that the board is not doing much of anything these days came when the bank stated that it cannot buy more bank notes (currency) because the board has yet to take a decision on the proposal from management to buy new bank notes.

Based on these two developments one can only conclude that the board has not been busy with running the bank. They’ve instead become an extended arm of the Government of Curacao in the latter’s efforts to get rid of the Central Bank’s director Emsley Tromp. One will not be able to tell how the members of the board from St. Maarten feel about this, because once a majority takes a decision, then that is what is made public.

We agree that while the issues around the director must be clarified the boycotting of everything he has done by the present supervisory board is not healthy. The economies of two countries are not being served at the moment and the board should consider how it can contribute to solving problems, instead of letting itself be used to inflame them.

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