Accessory to Amador Jones murder sentenced to 9 years

POSTED: 06/28/12 12:09 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Kennedy Cynrick Akeem Daniel to 9 years imprisonment for being an accessory to the murder of Amador Jones on April 16 of last year. The verdict sends an ominous message to other suspects in the Vesuvius-investigation that did the real killing and who will go to trial on October 1.

Daniel, 22, is no stranger to the justice system. In June 2010 he was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, of which 3 months suspended, and 3 years of probation. In this case, the court acquitted the defendant of a role in the attempted manslaughter on a couple in Middle Region on September 16, 2008. But Daniel was sentenced for threatening the life of a policeman during his detention in Statia and for destroying the interior of his cell.
This time around, Daniel was found guilty of taking Omax Bye, aka Mad Max, on his bike to the Under the Sun car wash and snack bar on the Gladiola Road, where Bye, who had been promised $20,000 for the job by the also murdered Miguel Arrindell, fatally shot Amador Jones. After the killing, Daniel and Bye fled on the bike from the scene.

The court acquitted Daniel of being an accomplice to the murder, but it considered legally and convincingly proven that the defendant made his bike available to Omax Bye and that he had driven him to the murder scene. “The court deducts from the fact that the defendant denies his own actions that he knew about Omax Bye’s plans. He also apparently lied by saying he does not know Omax Bye; during his pretrial detention he apparently attempted in a phone conversation to push a co-suspect to hide his bike.”
The court also found proof for firearm possession; investigators found DNA-profile on a gun hidden in a car he was driving at the time of his arrest.

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