Pantophlet briefed on civil aviation and Winair’s sustainability

POSTED: 06/26/12 12:04 PM

Robert Gibbs (Winair’s change manager and interim Financial Director), Michael Cleaver (Winair’s Managing Director), Hans de Jong (representative of the Netherlands) and Gerrit Draai (Representative of the Netherlands on the Supervisory Board of Directors), George Greaux (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) and Michael Ferrier (Aviation Stakeholder) and from the side of government, Dexter Doncher (Advisor to the Minister), May-Ling Chun (Director of Tourism), Minister Romeo F. Pantophlet, Miguel de Weever (SG TEZVT) and Louis Halley (Head of the Civil Aviation & Shipping and Maritime Department). Robert Budike (Secretary of the Supervisory Board of Winair) was also present but is not pictured. (DCOMM photo)

St. Maarten – Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunication Romeo F. Pantophlet discussed the actions that the governments of Curacao and St. Maarten have been undertaking to return to the Category I rating from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last Thursday. The Netherlands Antilles was listed as category 1 – being in full compliance with the required standards for proper civil aviation oversight – but the new countries – Curacao and St. Maarten were downgraded to category 2 after Antilles was dismantled.
“We are busy working hard to increase the standards in the civil aviation sectors by increasing the supervision of aviation, improving the communication among aviation partners, improving necessary legislation and regulations, hiring key personnel and establishing procedures,” Pantophlet said.
Parties at the meeting reached agreement on possible actions and cooperation in order to strengthen the civil aviation industry, to ensure that St. Maarten’s aviation authority becomes an independent entity, the strengthening of the cooperation with other civil aviation authorities within the Kingdom.
The supervisory board of Winair was one of the parties at the meeting and gave Pantophlet and outline of the airline’s current operations and future plans. Parties also agreed that they work to ensure that Winair is sustainable.

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