Letter: “Thanks for the cleanup Mullet Bay, but why be anti-social?”

POSTED: 06/4/12 1:53 PM

Dear Editor,

Private property is private property; I understand and respect that. But now after finally tearing down their buildings, which were left to lie in ruin for more than 15 years for various reasons, the owner(s) and management of the Mullet Bay property have, in their wisdom, decided to ensure that the St. Maarten/St. Martin public and visiting tourists do not trespass anywhere on their private property, (they are in their good right to do so), by placing boulders on the immediate shoulders of the road that for all intents and purposes can be considered a public road through their land.
Even if they are trying to force everyone to use the one and only access road they must allow access to the public Mullet Bay beach (so they do not walk across their golf course), what about when a vehicle has a mechanical problem and gets stuck on the road running through the property? The boulders along the road from the parking in front of the former Chase Manhattan Bank (bldg. 15) to past the former locations of buildings 14, 13 and 9 make a statement. And so do the ones further towards the Cupecoy area, accentuating the issue of people not being able to park in designated areas where formerly buildings 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 66 stood (directly across the beach including in the dip under the trees past the entrance to the Towers going to the Low Lands).
It is true, having people trot across an active golf course is dangerous and could cause damage to them and to the grass. But guess what: When the resort and the golf course were originally planned and built, the guests staying in those buildings were sold on the fact that they “just had to cross the fairway from their suite and enjoy the immaculate white sand of Mullet Bay beach and the crystal clear water of the magnificent Caribbean Sea.” So Mullet Bay, why not put your demarcation boulders a bit on your property and put up signs: “PRIVATE PROPERTY. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK & CROSS THE GOLF COURSE AT YOUR OWN RISK.” You can even add: “TEMPORARY PUBLIC PARKING ON OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY” if your attorneys are afraid you may give away your rights.
I am no lawyer, but am sure that where there is a will (by you to prove that you are not anti-social and don’t really mind that our people and our visitors use small parts of your property while you have no immediate need to use the land yourself), your attorneys and engineers can find a way.

Michael J. Ferrier

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