Letter: RRR: A communist agenda

POSTED: 06/4/12 1:48 PM

Dear Editor,

I must now admit I have made a major mistake in voting for RRR on St. Martin. Trust, to me, is an essential value in a relationship. When I voted for the RRR party especially for Mr. President Alain Richardson, as a man of God, I expected him to be real to the deal.
I am shocked that a preacher will vote and endorse a man like Hollande who will make gay marriage legal. He, in fact, already broke his word with God. Secondly Mr. Hollande will give all legal residents that live five years or more in France the rights to vote, which is a definitely no, no in St. Martin. That is two strikes already. But strike three is definitely unacceptable and I am wondering if these people understand the dynamics of economy.
It is not logical to increase taxes on people that already have no money or on business people where profit is hardly created. What RRR and Mr. Alain Richardson are doing is wealth distribution or in other words communism in progress. He is literally taking money from those who have and is giving it to those who do not have. What is happening and will continue to happen is very dangerous. They are forcing all the French businesses to leave French St. Martin and go some other place to do business. I am asking myself if these people are doing this to support many of their supporters who are from Haiti and the Dominican Republic and maintain St. Martin as a welfare state.
This social security attitude is what destroyed St. Martin and it encourages illegal immigration. What St. Martin needs is people with and of a business mentality, not a social security mentality. People in poverty (social security mentality & communistic ideology) can never prosper, because they believe it is the government responsibility to take care of them and spoil them. Having a business mentality (capitalistic ideology) allows the private sector to create jobs. Therefore the government should lower capital gains tax and income tax so all local investors and entrepreneurs can endeavor or venture into a new business and create wealth. When new businesses are created jobs are automatically created and more taxes are generated from income tax.
What RRR and Alain Richardson should be cutting is that social security benefit which is making St. Martin become like Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic). It is clear to me that RRR and Map are parties of welfare creation. They are socialist or direct communist. They will punish hard working people and spoil lazy people.
People of St. Martin; do not vote for any of the candidates of RRR or MAP that are running for deputy in this upcoming election. We do not need communists in St. Martin. What we need are people who will lower taxes and give the masses a chance to create wealth.
They deceived me once but it will not happen again. You can take that to the bank. I do not see any bank lending government money that will take money from hard working people and give it to non-productive people. Let’s keep communism out of St. Martin.

Yours truly,

Miguel Arundel
The Patriot

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