Two baby-rapists sent to Curacao for observation

POSTED: 05/18/12 1:38 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance postponed the trial of two boys who raped two of their sisters repeatedly for two years until September. One of the girls was just three years old. The boys will be sent to Curacao for a psychiatric evaluation.
The brothers – now 18 and almost 20 years of age – started sexually abusing their eldest sister while they were charged by their mother to look after her and other siblings in January 2010. They both had sexual intercourse with the girl, who was unable to defend herself against the older and stronger boys. They also fondled her and forced her to perform other sexual acts.
Between August of last year and February 14 of this year the boys also raped their youngest sister, who was just 3 years old at the time.

Prosecutor mr. Manon Ridderbeks noted that the limited psychological and psychiatric evaluations revealed a history of serious neglect, placement in foster homes, and also “incidents” with other children. With the eldest boy, the prosecutor said, it was hardly possible to have a normal conversation. The conclusions from the evaluations, whereby one report stated that the boys are fully accountable for what they did, while another report concluded that they are in a diminished state of responsibility, left too much room for uncertainty with the prosecutor, and she asked the court to postpone the case to allow for more extensive observation of both defendants. “I am unable to do anything with the advice from these reports, and I am unable to formulate my demand,” she said.
The prosecutor’s main concern is that the boys will become repeat-offenders. “Sex with young children almost screams for recidivism. We now have the opportunity to have them observed for a longer period of time. Then we will get a better advice about what to do with these boys.”

Attorney mr. Shaira Bommel asked the court to look at options for observation in St. Maarten, but it appeared soon that there are no facilities available for it.
“Had there been a possibility in St. Maarten, I would have asked for it,” prosecutor Ridderbeks said. “Punishing them is one thing, but the protection of the society is in everybody’s interest.”
Judge mr. Monique Keppels postponed the trial until September 5 and granted the request to send the boys to Curacao for observation.

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