More winners in TelEm’s daily text message quiz

POSTED: 04/24/12 12:01 PM

St. Maarten  –  TelEm Group named more winners of the company’s ongoing daily text message quiz in which five free tickets are given away each day for Thursday’s 1 Red Nation Reggae and Soca concert.

According to marketing and sales manager Carmen Lake-Reyes, the most popular answer so far has been red to the question: What is the color of the upcoming TelEm-Group sponsored event?

“This is not an official question for the quiz, but it is an indication of how the company’s new color red is really getting the attention of our customers and the public generally,” she said..

Lake-Reyes added that red was also ablaze during the Children’s Carnival on Sunday when the company was handing out various promotional materials to Carnival revelers. The color will also be the highlight of the upcoming 1 Red Nation musical event.

“The red building makes a bright impression on the Pondfill and the Red TelEm Group banners really let the public know that we are an important part of Carnival this year,” the marketing manager said, adding that hundreds of 1 Red Nation t-shirts were also being worn by all age groups this past weekend indicating that the upcoming concert is going to be a huge success.


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