Gospel artist Piper Laundry releases video

POSTED: 04/24/12 12:00 PM

GREAT BAY/MARIGOT- Five years after he first penned and performed ‘Too Much Violence in the Land’, Piper Laundry released his video of the same name in the first week of April. The song is being touted as a gospel reggae hit and can be viewed via youtube.com by typing in Piper Laundry. “The video is totally against violence and the storyline follows a domestic dispute when a man misjudges a male friend of his wife.” Other scenes in the video also depict bullyism among youths, active parenting and youth criminality.

The video was produced by Laundry himself and took eight months to complete with the rains interrupting the production schedule many times. The cast includes pastors, young people from both sides of the island and security personnel. “Everybody was saying to me where the video is, this is too much of a good song not to have a video. So I took it to the Lord and he told me when to start working on the video. It has become well accepted and is getting a lot of airplay on both the French and Dutch side.”

Laundry said that is often difficult to survive as an artiste in the Caribbean. The business community is not as generous as times past and to further compound matters, persons are more supportive of artistes from abroad rather than local talent. In this regard most of the work on his video was voluntary. He appealed to the society to intercede in conflict. “I think more can be done, although some people are trying to stop violence. More people need to get involved in speaking against wrong doing. When you see conflicts that may escalate don’t push fire. Give good advice. I think we are too busy running behind the US dollar to realize what is happening in our society. I am also calling on the police to reinforce the laws.”

An accomplished musician and keyboardist, Laundry has performed at many local shows on the island. He plans to continue “his ministry” by releasing a collaboration song with gospel singer Kisha Richards and produce a CD.

The St.Martin native began singing gospel music at the age of ten. The same talent that he possessed then, he says, he is now seeing in his three daughters. To nurture their talents, he invested in musical instruments which they have since mastered. “I think it has to do with supporting your children. They have the potential to be great leaders in every area of society but you must be there to guide them.”

With more than two decades of actively participating in the arts, Laundry credits all of his success to God. He claims to have a lasting commitment to young people and welcomes every opportunity to counsel them.  “The story is more to reach the youth and without limiting it the whole world as well,” Laundry said. Piper Laundry can be reached by email on or on 553-2331.

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