Five-day believers connection convention begins on Thursday

POSTED: 04/24/12 12:04 PM

St. Maarten – In the run up to Thursday’s St.Martin Believers’ Connection Convention, committee public relations officer Angie Pantophlet has issued a clarion call for the church to actively confront the issue of vulgarity that youths portray during the Carnival season.

“I was really totally appalled when I saw how the young people are behaving on the streets and its termed culture. Is there anybody going to stop them? Is anyone going speak to them about some of those disgusting moves? I am hoping that the churches will react to what they have been seeing in the papers particularly during the Carnival season.”

Pantophlet was at the time speaking on 6th annual St. Martin Believers’ Connection Convention to be held at the Great Bay Sports Auditorium on Longwall Road from Thursday until next Monday. She said that the convention is aimed at providing persons with an alternative to feting, uniting churches regardless of denomination and creating a healthy atmosphere for socialization.

With the theme being ‘It’s Our Time for Divine Breakthrough’, Pantophlet is appealing to people to come out and attend at least one of the session from the opening ceremony and parade of flags on Thursday to workshops on Saturday. A unity service has also been planned for Sunday morning which will be followed by a cultural extravaganza. On this day the elderly and young people who have served faithfully as outstanding examples of Christianity will also be honored. Monday will feature a choir fest and youth extravaganza from 7:30 pm.

“Maybe you’ve been bypassed, overlooked and you are tired of waiting. You feel as if nothing is happening for you. If so, the convention is the place for you. Come expecting that God will change your situation around. Put your faith to work and say what didn’t happen for me last year, or ten years ago is going to happen now,” Pantophlet assured.

The main speaker for this year’s convention is Dr. Annette Lazarus-Rose, a bishop and senior pastor of Bethesda Healing Centre in New York. “I have heard her speak on the island of St. Kitts and I can tell you that she is really good but everyone will have to experience her for themselves.  She is a minister, prophetess and she is also a teacher.  We will also try to organize pastors together so that she can have a separate session to speak into their lives.” The objective of this, Pantophlet explained would be for Dr. Lazarus-Rose to teach on overcoming the different struggles many ministries face. “You see things happening in the churches and a lot of pastors are compromising with members. A time comes when you need to take a stand for righteousness. I believe that she is one of the instruments that God will use for a time like this.”

In retrospect, Pantophlet admits that commemorating the sixth anniversary of the convention was by no means easy. Apart from gaining access to an appropriate venue, the organizing committee faced many setbacks in terms of attracting and maintaining the interest and support of Christians and unbelievers. “The first few years were great and then we had a slump last year. We had local speakers last year and as the Bible says a prophet is never really welcomed in his own home. So we had a smaller turnout although we have very dynamic, anointed speakers on this island. People apparently would rather support international than their own.  My expectation of this year is going to be high though,” she candidly said.

The convention is being held under the banner of the Saint Martin United Ministerial Foundation. The theme for this year’s event was specifically chosen because they believe that the year 2012 will exceed everyone’s expectations. “You may have had a few breakthroughs in life but this is the year that will bring the most divine, powerful and blessed changes for those who believe in Christ.”

T-shirts and souvenirs with the convention emblem will be available at all of the sessions. On Saturday in particular, an activity park will be set up by the John Larmonie Centre so that parents can leave their children in a supervised setting while they attend the workshops.

The convention committee is also reminding churches to fulfill their contribution pledges as soon as possible to offset expenses for the hosting of the event. All five days of the St. Martin Believers’ Connection Convention will be free of charge.

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