St. Martin Banks deny Collectivité overdraft to pay salaries

POSTED: 04/23/12 8:33 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The affiliation to the national political parties during an election in the French Republic has never been of much importance to the people of French St. Martin, Collectivité President Alain Richardson says. He explained that his government consists of people who are from the left or the right and they have not encouraged the population to vote for any of the 10 parties who are contesting legislative elections.

He stated that on a personal level he is supporting François Hollande although the programs of both leading candidates have in them aspects that he would agree or disagree with for St. Martin. He explained that the Collectivité decided not to play national politics with its own situation because they are “serious and dire problems.”

“The financial situation of the Collectivité is so serious that the payroll for April has been secured but beyond that I have no visibility. There are presidential elections followed in the next few weeks by the legislative elections; there is no one who could take any decisions at the national level.”

Richardson noted that what matters most is the interest of the Collectivité and not the interest of France.”Whether there is a rightist majority in France or a leftist government I will have to work with them.”

The local turnout for the presidential elections was expected to be around 20% with the majority of the voters being from Metropolitan France. Ironically there were a fair number of locals who decided to vote.

Richardson is expected to meet with the local press following the Territorial Council meeting next week. He will meet the préfet in Guadeloupe to discuss the financial situation. He approached two banks to negotiate an overdraft for the salaries for the following months but received only negative reactions.

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