Opinion: Binge drinking

POSTED: 04/23/12 8:36 PM

Loesje is a non-existent Dutch girl. Actually, Loesje is an organization that, for the past 28 years, has entertained the Netherlands with humorous posters. But this month something went wrong at Loesje’s office in Amsterdam: someone with an extreme level of black humor came up with a text that referred to Prince Johan Friso, who is in coma in a British nursing home after he was trapped in a snow avalanche in Switzerland in February.

In honor of Friso: that’s gonna be binge drinking again on the Queen’s birthday,” the poster read. In Dutch it contains the word comazuipen (zuipen = drinking heavily). It was signed by “Loesje’s brother.”

The municipality of Amsterdam was not amused and the main Loesje-office in Arnhem was perplexed, because the poster is everything that Loesje is not: negative, instead of critical with a positive undertone.

The municipality has demanded that all posters are removed from public display before the celebration of the queen’s birthday on April 30.

Loesje’s main office has in the meantime offered an apology on its website and the office in Amsterdam has humbly started to lend a hand with the removal of its own posters.

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