Calypso Monarch Beau Beau goes ahead with Gone Up

POSTED: 04/23/12 8:40 PM

St. Maarten – The 11th time Calypso Monarch, Leroy ‘King Beau Beau’ Brooks was the last of the 17 to sing during the Nagico Calypso Eliminations which was held last Friday, but he was the first to get a standing ovation and he will be the one to watch in the finals which will take place on April 27.

King Beau Beau headed the list of 10 with a total of 250 points followed by Keith ‘Repeater’ Carty on 239, Timothy ‘King T-Mo’ Van Heyningen followed one point behind with 138, Mighty Kirk had 233 and Baker Jr occupied the 5th spot with 233 points.

The other five spots were occupied by Young Dow with 224, Fish da Mega Boss and Roxxy tied with 222, Mighty Dando had 209 and King Barrow had 215. Judging the calypsonians were Clive Knowles, Clifton Wilson and Claudius Jones and O’Neil Percival.

Points was awarded on lyrics (30), melody (30), rendition (20) and presentation (20) and the judges were looking for topic, composition, construction, originality, compatibility, diction, intonation, clarity, use of stage, props, attire and showmanship.

As was expected, the eliminations attracted a mature audience but ironically, none of the calypsonians launched attacks on any of the high ranking politicians. At least not yet, but there were some very strong messages and advise. But despite their appearances, style and presentation, they all had to perform with back up music from D’Orchestra.

Calypso Barbara, a veteran in the field was first on stage and from her lyrics, it was evident that she was saying that she to deserved to be recognized with a song entitled, ‘I have made My Contribution.’ Fish Da Mega Boss did not mind fishing in the political arena with, ‘Who Corrupt Them.’

But the competition was not limited to adults only and when Young Dow came to the stage, most would have thought that he would address some of the social issues. Instead he too was aiming high with a song entitled, ‘Voting Poll.’

Roxxy, a former teen calypso queen expressed her concerns for the crime situation with, ‘Take The Law More Serious,’ but when Keith ‘Repeater ‘Carty did ‘No Matter What’ it was clear that he was not satisfied with n the manner the judges have been handling the competition over the years.

After five participants, ‘Repeater’ was on top on points, but with 12 more to go, anything was possible. His Majesty Baker Jr was next and he was the first to point out that this 37 square mile island is by far too small for the spate of murders with a tune entitled, ‘We Too Small For This.’

The trend for concern about law and punishment on the island was also addressed by King Barrow, when he said, ‘The Laws Must be Changed,’ and urged the politicians to address the matter.

D Monitor, went down the patriotic lane when he said, ‘Don’t Give Up’ regardless of the situation. D Mighty Pepper was expected to spice up the stage, instead he focused on the issues among the young students and other related matters when he sung, ‘Letter To The Minister.’

Young Calix was bent on addressing political issues with, ‘My Stimulus Plan.’ But up to that point on the program which was affected by some slight rain, the wow factor was absent. Lady Sha, stressed the importance of empowerment among women all over with, ‘Woman Is Boss.’

The tempo of the competition changed when King T-Mo did a song called ‘Perception’ which he described as a dash of paint. The Mighty Kirk was in an emotional frame of mind when he did a song called, ‘Country Called Heaven.’

The Mighty Dando was the only calypsonian to attack the leadership of the island when he said, ’St Maarten Don’t Have a Government.  The Mighty Chipman, must have had some sleepless nights when he said,’Ah Hear My Neighbor Bawling.’ And Man George was on the defensive when he sent out a message, ‘Don’t Blame The Youth.’

King Beau Beau, must have had a magnetic personality, because from the time he appeared on stage, his supporters and other lovers of calypso, went closer to the rails that divided the stage from the audience.

It was as if King Beau Beau said, ‘get up,’ but his tune which was entitled, ‘Gone Up’ addressed the escalating prices for utilities and other basic items used in the home. And with his voice and support from the audience, it was not difficult for him to get the nod of approval in the end.

The ten finalists are; King Beau Beau, Mighty Dando, Mighty Kirk, King T-Mo, King Barrow,

His Majesty Baker Jr., Repeater, Roxxy, Young Dow and Fish Da Mega Boss.

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