Arnell endorses Hollande in French presidential election

POSTED: 04/20/12 2:37 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – There is division in the ruling Triple R party over which candidate to endorse in Saturday’s election of the President of France. No official party line will be announced because of the different opinions but second Vice-President Guillaume Arnell has announced he favors François Hollande

“Although we are a political group with different political tendencies we want to preserve the togetherness that made us what we are. We, on St. Martin are focusing on the two main parties which is the UMP party led by (the current president) Nicholas Sarkozy and the Socialist Party led by François Hollande,” Arnell said.

Arnel’ typically favors the leftist movement but has chosen to back the socialists this time because of their philosophy of wealth sharing and assisting the less fortunate. He also embraces the socialists for their willingness to hear other opinions.

Arnell’s endorsement of Hollande comes after an April 3 meeting in France. The two exchanged views on the upcoming elections and Arnell came away feeling that the Socialist Party is “the best option for St. Martin.”

The senior politician is critical of the Sarkozy (the incumbent) and accused him of not honoring promises he made to St. Martin during the last elections.

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