Students unveil Peace mural

POSTED: 04/3/12 1:04 PM

The team of students that painted the Peace mural at St. Maarten Academy stand together after it was unveiled.

St. Maarten – A mural depicting “peace” was unveiled on the LB Scott Road by students of both sections of the St. Maarten Academy, the Milton Peters College and the St. Maarten Vocational Training School on Monday morning. “PEACE” is an acronym for: Principals, Excellence, Attitude, Courage and Empathy.

Principals means that students are always encouraged to do the right thing by stepping away from fights and seeking the wisdom of adults in times of confrontation and conflict. Excellence is encouraged for the entire year, both behaviorally and academically. Attitude is how to treat themselves because having the right attitude can help move mountains and become the leaders that will move St. Maarten forward. Courage is the strength to do what’s right. It is not only being brave, but also doing the right thing when all hope is gone. Empathy allows you to become comfortable with other students even though there may be differences by shedding all preconceived ideas, judgment and prejudices,” St. Maarten Academy 1a3 student Fatimah Karim explained.

Later she’d add, “We all can choose how we react to others when things are happening to us. As Mother Theresa said: if we have no peace, it is that we have forgotten how to treat each other.”

The idea is to have all schools involved in the peace project so that the public is aware that they can choose differently when faced with challenges. The actual idea for the mural came from former student Arun Shiwgobind who designed the mural about two years ago.

School Counsellor at the Academy Taluola Baly-Vanterpool and members of the School Board thanked the people who designed the mural and said it shows “violence is not always the way to go.” The elders also called for the students to “champion the sign and protect it” by talking people out of attempts to destroy it.

“This will give a positive feedback on how things should not be done. This sign belongs to all students in St. Maarten and you should protect it,” Baly-Vanterpool said.


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