Editorial: The war ain’t over

POSTED: 04/3/12 12:57 PM

Some people just don’t quit is an apt statement to apply to the owners of Simpson Bay Resort Management Company, considering that they are considering appealing yet another ruling that states they must respect a collective labor agreement with members of the Workers Institute for Organized Labor. We’re also get the strong vibe that the Wifol is keeping score as the president quipped on Monday – It’s 3 – 2 now.
Any and all jokes aside though we think that an appeal will answer what this matter has really become about. We’ve long since abandoned the idea that it’s about the employees themselves because they’re the ones who continue to face some level of uncertainty. Oh no, the real beneficiaries are the attorneys. On the one hand the lawyers for Wifol can claim a third victory and the lawyer for the resort will be able to wrack up fees with yet more consultation and potentially another fight in court.
Because the egos on both sides of the legal fence will likely not deflate any time soon, we think it’s time for government to get involved again, much like it did last year, and get parties to talk about the real issue – getting the people who were fired back to work or getting them paid out as their services get terminated. This war has frankly dragged on long enough and it’s time for a real cease fire. Court verdicts have yet to deliver that cease fire, maybe some ministerial wisdom, and some dialog will help.

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