Editorial: That’s not ok

POSTED: 03/29/12 2:22 PM

Geert Haartzman capitalized on the mishandling of a weapon by police officers on Wednesday and was able to use their “great error” to ensure that his client left the courthouse a free man. That’s great for the attorney’s case record, but bad for the country and it shows that the police have some way to go in improving their functioning.
We agree with the public prosecutor who said that the weapon had to be secured as a safety measure before the suspects were taken into custody. But that concurrence is attached to a very thin thread that includes the question of how much damage can a handcuffed person do to an officer that is wearing his own gun and holding theirs at the same time.
Let us also point out that the public prosecutor’s office also indicated that because different people had handled the weapon a DNA test would have been inconclusive. Now that shows that the arresting officers really weren’t thinking. Any simpleton who watches t.v. knows that when police conduct a search the first thing they put on is gloves. It’s just basic policing and we request that the force get better at that.
We understand that getting things right will lead to more convictions and that’s ok. Making these sort of mistakes shames us all and that’s not ok.

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