Reader’s Letter: The patriotic response

POSTED: 03/28/12 11:23 AM

Dear Mr. Editor,

A gentleman mentions my name in an article in your paper. The article is name “The politics of fear and division.” This person was in the National Alliance. Where was he when his leader William Marlin went to Holland to look for special privileges for illegal immigrants’ children. I did not hear any comments from that person. He claims that he wrote about affirmative action first, but he never follows through with what he claims to believe in. All talk, no action.
This person always seems to hate when I defend the native St. Maarten people, but for him the fact that the native St. Maarteners are minority in their country is never a problem. It seems he even dislikes it that I call myself the patriot. The problem is, whenever a hardcore stance is taking on native St. Maarten interest we discover people like that gentleman always in opposing what we do.
If he believes the legislative measures he outlined should be done and they are the right things why did he quit the National Alliance party and leave the St. Maarten electorate in limbo? Then he should lead by example.
St. Maarten has major problems, yet this person seems to think what I am doing is a danger to St. Maarten. The problems that are present in St. Maarten from UP & DP & NA are alright. How low can you go to oppose a person who defends his people? For the last 35 years no political party fought for native St. Maarten interest. Here comes a bold patriot that can care less what any person says and is happy to defend his people the native St. Maarten people and this gentleman call it division and fear. This person must been have sleeping for the last 25 years. If making St. Maarteners a minority in their own country, which isn’t real division and fear then what is?
This person is always on the wrong side of who he should be fighting for. The difference with me and him is that I do not need a political party or group to defend what I believe in because it comes naturally. I am real and true to what I believe in.
Feel free to oppose me. It is only going to get more intense. You decide which side you are on you can choose to be a patriot or a traitor. I am very disappointed in your actions and I expect more from you as an educated person, so I will not respond to any more of your comments about me. One thing I guarantee is that this patriot will continue with his convictions and go it alone if necessary until I die. That is what a real man does. The conclusion is you should try it also.

Yours truly
Miguel Arrindell

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