Art in the Park: a photo impression

POSTED: 02/13/12 7:31 PM
Italian painter and photographer Patty Meotti.

EMILIO WILSON PARK – The sun was shining and hundreds found their way to the Emilio Wilson Park yesterday to stroll past the exhibits at the annual Art in the Park manifestation. Artists from the Dutch and the French side and even a traveling jewelry maker from France found their way to the park to exhibit their creations. Among them were the Milanese painter and photographer Patty Meotti, our local artist R. Kelly, Ruby Bute,  and the French-side wood sculptor Fabian Bernard, Chantal Marie, who usually sells her work at the market in Marigot, sent her son to the park with a collection of wonderful water colors, while a bit further down there was a stand from Sent-tee, a local company that produces handmade soaps using mostly organic and completely vegan ingredients like cold pressed oils, essential oils and herbs. There was something for everybody in the park, and the event is sure to get a follow up next year. A photo impression by Milton Pieters.

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Art in the Park: a photo impression by

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