Catholic school parade attracts thousands

POSTED: 02/8/12 3:43 PM

St. Maarten – More than two thousand students and two hundred teachers and parents walked the streets on Tuesday in observance of Catholic Week 2012. The event was the Catholic school board’s annual parade which saw students depicting the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy. Chairperson of the Activities Committee Edmaira Jacobs said that the overall theme of “We Are Called to See Jesus in Others,” has had a profound impact on the lives of the students in particular. “It’s a learning process and the children really understand it. I was heartened to see them so involved,” Jacobs said.

The parade began at the Great Bay Sports Auditorium, made its way up Front Street and ended at the St.Maarten Festival Village. Students sang spiritual songs, waved placards and marched to the beat of drums from the St. Dominic High School and the Sis. Marie Laurence Primary School bands. Students from the St. Joseph School wore aprons and hats adorned with different pictures of food to display the theme of “Feed the Hungry.” They also received donations from onlookers to purchase food and other relief supplies for the less fortunate. Sis. Regina School marched under the theme “Give Drink to the Thirsty” while Sis. Borgia School focused on clothing the naked.
“Shelter the Homeless,” the students of Sis. Madga Primary chanted as participants from the Sis. Marie Laurence School raised soothing songs that are usually sung when the sick are visited and performed a ‘stepping’ exercise.

At the rear end of the parade could be seen St. Dominic High School students who solemnly called for the dead to be buried while the school’s primary section urged the community not to forget those imprisoned by visiting them.

Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams, Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto, Education Minister Dr. Rhoda Arrindell and Tourism, Economic Affairs and Telecommunications Minister Franklyn Meyers all watched with glee as the students passed them in front of the Government Administration Building proudly waving the banner which read “Celebrating Catholic Education since 1890.”

On Thursday students will have the opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learnt for the entire week by putting on cultural presentations at the various schools. Catholic Week will conclude on Friday February 10. On this day there will be no classes for students but teachers will participate in a workshop and social event to become better acquainted with each other.

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  1. tired of the politics says:

    New we need to actually pay the workers of the new school that’s being build in belverder a REAL paycheck so they could be able to feed they families instead of the hand-outs they keep getting.Some-one need to pay attention to whats going on with employers pocketing they employees money.WE can’t pay our bills on 500guilders every to weeks.GB alone eats that up…..These are the reason why the young people keeps committing crimes they are not being payed fairly.The YOUTHS/CITIZENS of St Maarten are crying and no one is listening

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