Letter: Open memo to: Brenda K. Wathey

POSTED: 02/1/12 3:14 PM

Dear Brenda,

Some seven months have now passed since the courts verdict ordering you all to hand over all documents dating back to 2001 to me and to include me in the estate of the late N. C. Wathey as legitimate shareholder. To date you have refused to do so.
Some two months have also passed since I started a new court case against you all including notary Gijsbertha, asking the court to order you all to pay to me $70,000 per day for each and every day you still refuse to hand over same documents and include me in the day to day operations of the estate of N. C. Wathey. This judgment will also come soon.
Brenda, you took it upon yourself to appoint yourself as sole representative of the estate of N. C. Wathey after my father’s death, today you are still acting as such without my specific authorization, and you are acting in violation of the court’s orders. I must be included in every aspect relating to my father’s estate, I am Chester Wathey’s oldest and only son and as such I must be treated as such!
In view of the above, I am hereby giving you until February 6, 2012 to relinquish your illegitimate hold on the estate of N. C. Wathey or I will be issuing a statement to the press informing all persons or entities having contracts signed with you all on behalf of the estate of N. C. Wathey that I will not be honoring those contracts as they stand and will not be renewing these contracts should they continue to make payments for these contracts to companies or persons designated by you to avoid any further embezzlement of funds or goods.
I also will be reporting any cases of suspected fraud to the competent authorities for further investigation and prosecution.
I trust that you will comply with my request.

Norman C. Wathey

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