Editorial: Under pressure

POSTED: 01/30/12 1:54 PM

The pressure on parliamentarian Jules James is mounting, as more and more critics come out of the woodwork. Letters to the editor and criticism by fellow-parliamentarians comes on top of the already heavy pressure from within the community.

Tomorrow another meeting of parliament is scheduled to discuss James’ behavior in a meeting in November of last year when he voted on two motions in which he clearly had a personal interest.
So far, James has been undaunted by the criticism, but his position is becoming untenable. Surely he must realize that his double-role is damaging to his party, the standing of parliament and the credibility of the political process in general.

There are now even letters to the editor in which friends of the MP encourage James “to do the right thing.”
All the arguments are out there and everything is clear to everybody – except apparently to James who stubbornly clings to his $125,000-a-year-seat in parliament.
It is shameful and it is about time for this charade to end.

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