Opinion: Road rage

POSTED: 01/18/12 12:07 PM

The van with the offensive driving style caught on camera. Photo by Mary Smith.

We received the following story from Mary Smith, a retired National Geographic-journalist who lives on our island. Mary may be retired, but when she sees something happening – especially something that disgusts her – she springs into action. Read and shiver.

“Today, Tuesday, January 17 at approximately 11:45 am I found myself driving behind an unmarked new white van with plate number R 1954. I first noticed the driver’s odd behavior — and odd is a compliment — when we were driving past the Megaplex movie theater. All of a sudden the van speeded up, veered off the road to its right, ran through a large puddle of water and splashed a male pedestrian walking by the roadside. At first I thought the driver had temporarily lost control of his vehicle, but this sadistic and egregious behavior deliberately, without question, occurred seven more times as I followed the van through Simpson bay and then onto Airport Road. For instance, as we passed the Simpson Bay Yacht Club the van ran off the road to the right and then sped through a huge puddle, completely soaking a very nicely dressed young woman, leaving her bewildered and in tears (I observed her in my rear view mirror).

By the time the traffic slowed down to cross the Blue Bridge, I had taken out my little Casio digital camera and began making quick shots of the van as it made its way along. It was obvious the driver was carefully hunting for puddles and pedestrians. I counted approximately twelve soaked men and woman.

I made several photographs, but this is the only one that caught the van and puddle spray in the same frame. As you’ll recognize, we were just passing the SOL gas station headed towards Airport Road. The targeted person is hidden from view by the front. right side of the van. He was walking towards us past the station.

How did this saga end? Well, I had to stop at Safe Cargo Services just beyond the airport, and the white van continued on. I tried to get a look at the driver. He seemed to be white, for what it’s worth, perhaps middle aged, and there were several what appeared to be children or young adults in the van. They must have had the time of their still impressionable lives.

So what would I like the two of you to consider doing? How about writing your own descriptive caption? Frankly, I’d like to see this arrogant, cruel jerk dragged through one of his targeted puddles by his hair. However, I’m probably too frail to hunt him down and do it myself, so I’ll leave it up to the power of journalism to mete out some sort of retribution.”

Well, that was not too hard on us. We thank Mary for her contribution and we sure wish that the van’s driver will change his medication soon


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