Feature: Tamarind Hotel’s good communication skills

POSTED: 01/16/12 1:24 PM

St. Maarten – Tamarind Hotel managing director Paul Ingram was touched by the picture that appeared on the front page of the Daily Herald on Saturday, showing a dying cow with a mourning fellow-cow next to it. He sent his hotel guests pictures of a more upbeat nature: the visit of two cows to the hotel’s front yard sometime in July of last year. Front Office manager Henny (no last name provided) dealt with the unexpected visitors at the time. “We have visitors with many different tongues coming to the office. It goes to show you that our staff is flexible and maintains good communication skills,” Ingram wrote, adding, “I believe our large visitors left with good feelings and good memories of their visit to the Tamarind Hotel. Our reputation of being friendly to our guests is spreading over the hills of the island.”

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Feature: Tamarind Hotel's good communication skills by

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