St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce gives Tax Inspectorate access to database

POSTED: 01/11/12 12:43 PM

St. Maarten – Representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry are to meet again before the end of January to discuss creating a link between the Chamber’s database and the Inspectorate of Taxes. Parties first met just before the Christmas holidays.
“It is the intention of Government to link all key databases with the Inspectorate of Taxes in order to be able to have a complete and transparent database system for Country St. Maarten where every business that is established is properly registered. At the same time it allows us to have an idea of registered functioning businesses and those that are not. It also provides an opportunity to build a complete database which has the correct information and is synchronized with others. Once you have these in place, one is able to find those businesses which haven’t been living up to their social responsibility and contributing to the national treasury,” Shigemoto stated in a release.
Later he’d add, “This process embarked upon is also part of reforming the tax system of our country. Everything is interconnected and we have to bring all the relevant agencies together in order to be able to offer better services to the business community.”
Taxand/A&M Taxand/VMW Taxand/Taxand Curacao, the largest independent global tax organization which provides tax advice to clients worldwide, will be assisting the Ministry of Finance by advising on Information Technology possibilities for the Chamber and tax authorities.

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