St. Maarten Parliament introduces acting Secretary General Joubert

POSTED: 01/6/12 5:02 PM

St. Maarten – The Parliament’s secretariat was strengthened with two new employees who started at the beginning of this month: acting Secretary General Nancy Joubert and second acting SG Van Dyke Bell. Joubert comes from the government’s department of legal affairs.
Parliament President Gracita Arrindell introduced Joubert during a press briefing yesterday morning; Bell was not present.
Arrindell said that the Parliament has a number of hearings ahead of it this year, concerning inheritance and legacies, property law and contracting of work, insurance and annuities, sole proprietorship law, common law marriage, the amendment to Book 2 of the civil code and civil claims and bankruptcy. These hearings will be used to get input from stakeholders and the public. Central committee meetings are to be held with the Mental Health Foundation, environmental groups like Nature Foundation, Pride, Epic, the animal welfare groups and the St. Maarten Youth Council.

Arrindell says she is looking forward to handling the 2012 budget.
“As soon as possible, hopefully this month,” she said.
The president also announced that she will “keep a tight rein to make sure that we deal with the issues at hand.”
The special investigations methods legislation (the so-called BOB-law) will be on the agenda again in the second and third week of this month for input from stakeholders. On January 23, prof. Hans de Doelder, the author of the new criminal code, will appear once more in the Central Committee for a debate about this topic.
“When this legislation will go into effect is a decision the Parliament will have to make,” Arrindell said.

The amendment to the labor laws, an initiative by the National Alliance faction, has been reviewed by the Advisory Council and is currently back with the initiators for another review. The same goes for the timeshare initiative-law drafted by Democratic Party MP Leroy de Weever.

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