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POSTED: 12/30/11 12:00 PM

We all know why good intentions are called good intentions: they have failure written all over them, but it feels good to say on the last day of December: “Next year I am going to lose weight, I won’t cheat on my wife anymore, I will stop drinking and smoking, I will always be on time at work – and thousands of other brilliant ideas that evaporate once the new year’s hangover has been brought under control.
We read somewhere that to make a new intention a success it has to be attainable. Duh, we doubt that very much. We’d say, come on people, be ambitious, reach for the stars. Set the bar so high that it makes you dizzy.
And then?
Then you have to commit to that particular goal.
It is, in a way, very simple. As we have written many times before, life is a sequence of choices. Therefore, we choose to smoke, we choose to be late, we choose to become overweight, and we choose to have headaches at the moment that suits us – and so on.
Think about it. If you accept this concept, then it must be clear that it also possible to make other choices. For instance, once could decide not to smoke anymore, not to be overweight, not to be late, not to be depressed and not to have headaches.
It is nothing more than a mindset.
This means that these changes are possible right now.
There is no need for nicotine patches, or lengthy sessions at a shrink. The only ingredient necessary to turn a good intention into a simple and lasting reality is a decision.
We know this is true, because we have practices this approach on many different levels. So now we challenge readers who are about to announce their good intentions to do the following when the clock jumps from 2011 into 2012: snap your fingers and say to yourself and to everyone who wants to hear it: “Right, from now on I stop smoking/drinking/cheating or whatever else the vice is you want to get rid of.”
Get back to us in a year and let us know what happened.

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