Editorial: Coming to the end

POSTED: 12/30/11 12:01 PM

We are coming to the end of 2011 and people stand at the moment where they review what has been done in this year and where they are going in the next one.
One thing we’d ask each of our readers to look at though is how much did you invest into the year? How much did of your time did you spend working in and championing something that you are passionate about? How much time and money did you invest in helping to build the country that we live in? What have you done to help a child reach its potential or to give an elderly person some joy after their long years of service?
In our view it is very simple to make the choice to serve our country and that is the one resolution that we will encourage people to make in the coming year. The diets and quitting smoking and exercising and budgeting are all great ideas, but the true thing this country needs is a steadfast commitment from all who live here to ride out an economic crisis that hit us all in 2011 and continues to loom large in 2012.
It is necessary in the coming year that we take the example of committed people like our Person of the Year Eileean Healy to heart. Her resolve has helped to deliver key milestone after key milestone and is the stuff that it takes to not just create a country’s structures, but to build the nation. We all have a role to play and 2012 will be a great time to start.

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