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POSTED: 12/29/11 12:07 PM

Researchers get funny ideas every now and then. The results are entertaining too. Take for instance the following research by K. Wellings, W. Macdowall, M. Catchpole and J. Goodrich.
Before we go any further, we should add that journalists on occasion get funny ideas as well. For instance, the research we refer to here was published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine more than twelve years ago, in February 1999. The Volkskrant reported about it the day before yesterday.
It is, after all Christmas (okay, it was Christmas) and New Year’s Eve is almost there. Politicians, lawyers and all others with interesting stories to tell are on vacation, so it makes it tough for writers to fill their pages.
The research by Wellings et al showed that the most common birth date among Americans between 1973 and 1999 is September 16. From this piece of information, the researchers conclude that activities between the sheets in the United States are above average around Christmas. The fruitful results of all this passionate activity is remarkable because December is also the month when condom-sales double. Add to this that most abortions occur during the first quarter of a year and you get a pretty good idea of the steamy Christmases Americans enjoyed during the 26 years the research covered.
The explanation for this trend is that people have more time for their social life between Christmas and New Year. Note that our government gave all civil servants extra days off on December 23 and January 2. We figure that there will be a lot of little civil servants underway soon.
August seems to be the worst month for conception, because the least number of children are born in the month of April. The author of this piece is among the lucky ones in this field, though the joy was short-lived when we read the explanation: “The quality of sperm is less during the summer.” At least, that’s what researchers from the University of Texas wrote.
The Journal of Circadian Rhythms published a study that shows most couples make love between eleven o’clock at night and one o’clock in the morning. Chances of having sex around midnight are seventeen times higher than having sex at ten o’clock in the morning.
A study by the Swiss University of Lugano may spur people on to find a job. Unemployment, or even the threat of losing one’s job, is deadly for one’s sex life. The Swiss researchers note that the libido significantly decreases among people who are no longer certain about their income.

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