Police urge safe driving during New Year’s transition

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:12 PM

St. Maarten – Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson has urged motorists to slow down, observe the traffic rules and to be courteous to other road users in the upcoming days as celebrations in the holiday season continue. The next major event of the year is the New Year’s transition from December 31 to January 1.
The reason for Henson’s caution is the fact that there accidents in the double digits between December 22 and December 26. Henson was not able to give concrete figures on the number of accidents. It is also based on the fact that there have “quite a number of serious accidents” throughout the entire year.
“We want to stress not just on not drinking and driving, but also on asking people to minimize the high number of accidents by taken preventative measures like; don’t race and speed. Pay attention and let the traffic flow as long as there is no obstruction,” Henson said.
“We are particularly concerned about speeding and would like people to consider leaving their home or office a little earlier in order to get to their destination on time,” the police spokesman added.

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