Opinion: Embarrassing

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:14 PM

Oh oh. We fear that Mary Hamer has caught a serious form of Joranitis. The aging American radiologist has fallen badly for Joran van der Sloot, the key suspect in the 2005-disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, and the only suspect in the 2010-murder of Peruvian student Stephanie Flores.
We don’t know what is worse: Hamer’s public and rather pathetic display of affection for a criminal or the fact that Van der Sloot has to put up in the Castro Castro prison with the affection of a 55-year-old who apparently has nothing better to do with her life.
Hamer said in an interview on the American Today-show (not affiliated with this newspaper) that she loves Van der Sloot unconditionally, or words to that effect.
The 24-year-old murder-suspect now goes by the pet name Buddha, which suggests that he has become fat in prison. Hamer, who could easily be Van der Sloot’s grandmother, has showered the young Dutchman with money to the tune of $20,000 and all kinds of gifts. We figure that van der Sloot loves this woman, knowing that he won’t have to have sex with her for the next thirty years, while his creature comforts remain guaranteed.
Hamer told the Today show that she visited the inmate already three times in prison and that she talks with him about Justin Bieber of all people and – watch this – “his love for historical figures like Martin Luther King and Gandhi.”
To make all this even more embarrassing, Hamer recorded a CD entitled Rescue, suggesting that Van der Sloot needs rescuing while the rest of the world wishes him permanent accommodation in Peru. Track titles like Come Ride With Me, Haven’t Kissed You Yet and Love You Forever suggest that Hamer has the mentality of a grandma going sixteen.
She even showed on TV a letter from Van der Sloot that starts with My Guardian Angel Mary and ends with I love you. Joran.
We figure that for twenty grand, Van der Sloot would be ready to declare his love to anyone, even if his name were Robert Mugabe.
Hamer made an attempt on TV to take away the impression that she is sexually attracted to Van der Sloot by saying that she is his spiritual guide.
Hmm. Well, we guess that everybody needs somebody to love. Beth Holloway and the parents of Stephanie Flores must be wondering why Hamer had to pick this guy – and so do we.

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