French St. Martin files complaint against aggressive and illegal timeshare sales

POSTED: 12/11/11 3:39 PM

MARIGOT – The French Saint-Martin Tourist Office has requested people contact the Gendarmerie and give information that will help them investigate people who are using illegal and aggressive methods to sell time share in the heart of Marigot and in the Tourist Office’s parking lot. The complaint, which is numbered PV No. 05163, was filed because many visitors have contacted the Tourist Office to ask questions about buying time-share properties on the Dutch side.
“The French Saint-Martin Tourist Office would like to inform the public that it is not a partner of the resort developers and prominent hoteliers who sell timeshare. The French Saint-Martin Tourist Office would like to denounce the abuse with regard to the aggressive methods of sales,” a release stated.
“Use of a false quality, such as being eligible for commercial or advertising means linked to the French Saint Martin Tourist Office is a criminal misdemeanor and is severely punished,” the document further states.

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