Suspected murderer released due to lack of evidence

POSTED: 12/3/11 10:57 AM

Several people provide alibi

St. Maarten - The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Department jointly announced Friday they released the 18-year-old they’d held as a suspect in Mark Deygoo’s killing on November 30 due to lack of evidence. Several witnesses have said the 18-year-old was elsewhere at the time of the murder and this gives him an alibi.

The young man’s release means that the investigation is still ongoing and the prosecutor and police are asking anyone who has information that may help solve this case to come forward.

Deygoo’s death began as an armed robbery at Fragile Bundles and Baby’s on Backstreet on September 21. The business owner was shot in the course of the robbery and died in hospital on September 23.

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