Editorial: The gap must close

POSTED: 12/3/11 11:07 AM

For the second time this year seemingly different interpretations of the law have handed the Wifol union and its members at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina victory in the Court in First Instance and then defeat on appeal. This clearly shows that the laws that judges are using are still far too open and both government and parliament must amend them if some sort of stability is to be brought to the island’s labor market when it comes to sale/transfer of business.

The government has already gone part of the way and taken legal advice. They’ve halted the discussion there. Parliament’s efforts to concretely do anything are also halted at political grandstanding of slamming Jules James – a United People’s (UP) Party MP and the Managing Director of both the management and owner company for Simpson Bay Resort and Marina and The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina.

Either government or parliament or both, now need to make a serious decision. That decision is do they take the weak route and skirt around the issue or do they live up to the promise they made and really work to concretely and structurally improve the lives of the people of the country. That choice is now before both the executive and legislative branch and lest any forget your failure or success at representing the people on this and any other issue will be glaringly obvious for all to see.

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