Wifol expects victory in appeal case (Simpson Bay Resort)

POSTED: 12/2/11 8:30 AM

GREAT BAY – President of the Workers Union for Organised Labor Theophilus Thompson believes that the Appeals Court will rule in the union’s favor and uphold the November 25 ruling that requires Simpson Bay Resort Management Company to honor the terms of the Collective Labor Agreement. A ruling is expected today or early next week.

Thompson’s confidence is based on the fact that the Collective Labor Agreement “states emphatically” that it is binding on any party that manages the resort, that the staffers have been confirmed as employees of Simpson Bay Resort Management Company and that they were sent letters of guarantee that “nothing would change once the resort was auctioned.”

“For the moment the employer is not allowing the people back to work but I have no doubt that the ruling will give the workers justice. The Collective Labor Agreement is still valid and binding until a new one is signed and it states emphatically that it is binding upon successors and contractors,” Thompson said Wednesday.

Though he expects victory Thompson said he and the members are prepared to keep fighting this issue all the way to European Court of Justice if necessary because of the international implications of the case.

“This is about the right of association and the right to collective bargaining,” Thompson said, before stating his “total disappointment with government’s inaction” on this matter.

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