Editorial: Open the voting rights

POSTED: 12/2/11 8:35 AM

A proposal launched by Apolonia Violenus, a St. Maarten student in the Netherlands for her and her fellow students to be able to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections strikes us as interesting proposition. We also find that there are very few reasons to turn down such an idea out of hand when one considers certain facts.

Two such facts are that the country’s leadership finds many ways to keep the students informed of events at home and they actively press them to return at the end of their study. These efforts really come to nothing if the students d not have some active voice in helping to steer the country they will inherit once they have gone to study.

Also it would not be a great leap to create this opportunity and it would not be a major shock to the Kingdom as a regulation already exists that allows people living here to vote for the European Parliament and very nearby the people in Saba and St. Eustatius can vote for the Second Chamber even though they don’t live in the Netherlands.

Violenus wants to return to make a contribution to her home land. For the moment she’s already done and we think that her idea will actually be picked up, reviewed and carried forward as it will only serve to enhance democracy in our young country.

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