TelEm Group cutover spills over to second day

POSTED: 12/1/11 8:22 AM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group’s final cutover of residential and business subscriber lines in the Philipsburg area will continue for a second day today (Thursday). The scheduled cutover of more than 2000 fixed subscriber lines to the company’s new CS2K soft switch could not be completed at the end of the business day as planned Wednesday because of a delay in programming information into the new switch. That work took longer than expected and could not be avoided and so work will continue into Thursday and until all lines and transferred and reported as working.
“It is better that we fall back a day and do the transfer properly than to rush and create additional problems down the line,” CS2K Project Manager Kenneth Blijden said.
Wednesday’s operation caused interruptions to a number of businesses in Philipsburg and similar interruptions could take place again when the cutover continues Thursday.
“We apologize for the interruptions which we know are very inconvenient for our customers but we can assure them that this is the final leg in what has been a very time-consuming and technical cutover,” Blijden said.

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