Video conference deals with Simpson Bay Resort appeal

POSTED: 11/29/11 7:30 AM

GREAT BAY – This afternoon at a quarter to three the appeals court deals with the appeal of Simpson Bay Resort and Royal Resorts against last Friday’s court ruling that obliged the company to live up to the collective labor agreement with Wifol-members until there is a decision in cassation by the Supreme Court.
Today’s court hearing is a video conference. The Wifol-members who celebrated their court victory on Friday have not gone back to work yet; it is clear that Simpson Bay Resort and Royal Resorts will attempt to void the court ruling and to escape from the obligation to keep paying the employees for what could be two years until there is a Supreme Court decision.

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  1. Simpson bay should get rid of the employees as this is their decision. When I have stayed there many of the employees were lazy and did nothing. The only way my AMF can be reasonable is to have good/hard working employees and from what I saw they were not. Do what you need to do in order to keep my costs lower and paying non productive employees will not work. I am for Simpson Bay – Good for them for trying to keep my fees lower.

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