Bailiff seizes fake goods on Front Street

POSTED: 11/24/11 8:36 AM

St. Maarten – Counterfeit handbags, watches, wallets, hair products and cuff links were removed from Juliana’s and Everest Nepal Enterprises N.V on Front Street on Wednesday. The court ordered seizures were led by Karl ‘Tallboy’ Arndell. He was contracted by James Martin & Associates, the law firm that brought the charges on behalf of the manufacturers.

People who attempted to shop at the store had to be turned away from buying fake items that carried the same price tag as the products delivered by the manufacturers. Wednesday’s action, which is part of a systematic approach to ridding the island of counterfeit, drew lots of attention. It also gave Arndell the chance to sound a clear warning.

“A large amount of fake items is currently on sale at various stores and we have received a letter from the judge which permits us to seize the fake items. People we seize these items from can pay a fine to avoid prosecution, but we will still destroy the seized items. As long as they (stores (edi,) have fake items on the shelves, it will be removed and destroyed. You have to understand, these name brand companies in Europe and in the USA pay people to go on cruises, look for fake items, identify the stores on the various islands and purchase them,” Arndell said.

Arndell has led at least two other operations this year that have led to the confiscation and destruction of counterfeit clothing, bags and watches.

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