November 18 deadline for living statue sign up

POSTED: 11/16/11 4:13 AM

St. Maarten – Beyond Writing Foundation and Motiance Dance School want people eight years and older who are interested in becoming living statues to sign up by November 18. This will allow the two organizations to set up a free training workshop ahead of the two day event – December 17 and December 18.
“Not everyone can become a living statue. Interest in performing arts, creativity and a special love for history and culture of your country and the region, a healthy body and an open mind set are crucial elements that go along with performing as a living statue. Next to that, you will need some training in the basics that make a living statue come to life,” President of the Beyond Writing Foundation Loekie Morales said.

The workshop will be given by instructors from the World Statues Foundation. The modules to be covered include ‘Mime’, ‘Moving Arts as a statue’, ‘Body Painting’, ’Costume preparation’ and ‘Storytelling’. In order to prevent injuries people have to learn the techniques of moving like a statue.
“Making a costume (combined with the right accessories) and develop a character is the hardest part. Therefore it is essential to choose a character that fits you and an action that goes along with the character. You can act alone (individual) for example like a historical or folk tale figure/a hero or symbol or as a group showing a part of the social, cultural and political life,” Morales said.
She added, “When the statue comes to life, it needs to give something away. What you give away doesn’t have to be tangible. It can be as simple as a kiss or a glance, but it needs to be meaningful and it needs to be a moment in which you connect with the human being in front of you and look them in the eye. If you have a talent, use it.”

People who are interested should email [email protected] or call either 556-2735 or 524-0441. People who are interested in helping with the organization and helping the statues (supply and safety) can also sign up via the e-mail address and numbers.
This event is made possible thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation, Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund, The Beyond Writing Foundation, The Government of St. Maarten (Tourist Office) and the Dutch Representation in Philipsburg).

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