Map forming action plan around youth and education

POSTED: 11/14/11 3:49 AM

MARIGOT – President of the Movement for the Advancement of the People (MAP) Louis Mussington revealed at the weekend that the party is crafting an “action plan” which gives priority to empowering young people. The plan, which is part of the broader campaign for the March 2012 Territorial election, includes making bilingual education a possibility and finding job opportunities.

Mussington said the party has education all the way to the tertiary level as priority and they want to work with young people who are currently in university to ensure they are part of the decision making process when they return. The party also wants to prevent students from dropping out and beef up instruction on languages.

“We believe that what is happening now is a crime against our young students since there are too many dropouts and as a result the youth are left in the streets, not being able to master either the French or the English language. St. Martin must become a bi-lingual society as this will put everyone at ease,” Mussington said.

Later he’d add, “The strategies and approach of the MAP is to have a clear plan of action to work with the youth since too many of the youth are “faced with despair” and are of the opinion that government have given up on them. The future of the country will not be prosperous unless the youngsters in the society are taken care of. We cannot let them fend for themselves.”

The strategy on jobs includes setting up a training program that gives young people a fair chance at job opportunities.

“While I must understand that the majority of persons who have businesses on St. Martin are foreign investors there must be clear guarantees which is generated from the investment that will lead to the employment of the local youths,” Mussington said.


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