Son former Lt. Governor Richards gone missing in the Netherlands

POSTED: 11/7/11 5:06 PM

GRONINGEN – The regional radio and TV-station Omroep Groningen reported just before the weekend on its web site that Joaquim Richards, son of the former Lt. Governor Franklyn Richards went missing two weeks ago.
The 24-year-old left his house on October 20, probably in a confused state of mind. Since that day nobody has heard anything from him. “His family and the police are concerned,” the station reported. “Joaquim also has to take his medication.”
Richards is 24, and about 1.80 meters tall. In the description the police released, Richards was described as having brown eyes and short hair, a thin stature, and a long face. He possible was wearing a black hip-length coat, jeans and a tee shirt. He carries a gold chain with large links on his chest. He has scars on his back, under arm and knuckles and between his pink and ring finger.

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