St. Maarten wins 19 medals at Aruban competition

POSTED: 11/2/11 11:55 AM
Grand Master Liu pose with the athletes that excelled in their respective categories during the Open Championships which was held in Aruba.

St. Maarten – A delegation from the King Yen Tae Kwon Do School won 19 medals at the recent sixth Caribbean Open International Championships in Aruba. The team copped nine gold, nine silver and one bronze in a tournament that had 250 athletes divided into teams from Aruba, Surinam, and Venezuela.

“I am very pleased once again with the performance of the students, the competition was very tough but the athletes did very well. What they have learnt in training they have put to use and because of this, they have received invitations again from several other organizations to participate in International competitions in their countries,” Grand Master Theo Liu said.

The tournament was the first time the St. Maarten fighters competed while wearing an electronic head and chest protector that is part of the new international scoring system. The system only records precisely executed kicks.

“Our St. Maarten students adjusted to this new scoring system immediately,” Liu said.

Liu wants to have a similar event organized on St Maarten because it will put St. Maarten on the world-map of Tae-Kwan Do countries and bring many positive (economic) benefits. He stressed though that it will take support from relevant agencies to pull it off.

The team was accompanied by parents, sports therapist Pauline Vuyst, for the St. Maarten Sport Massage Association and the coaches Charlene Craig, Joel Rombley and Marcel Loor.


Result SXM athletes:

Division:                                 Name:                             Result:

20 – 24 kg Male                       Etienne Conalie (9)           Silver


24 – 28 kg Male                       Malik Loor (7)                  Gold          

24-   28 kg Male                      Jeremy Rombley (7)          Gold

28 – 32 kg Female                   Naomi Loor (9)                 Gold

28 – 32 kg Male                       Sven, Strijder (8)              Bronze

36 – 40 kg Female                    Perlania de la Rosa (13)    Gold & Silver

36 – 40 kg Female                    Lee – Ann, Liu (12)           Gold & Silver

36 – 40 kg Female                    Marijn, Luijt (11)              Silver

40 – 44 kg Male                       Jeremiah,Rombley (9)       Gold

44 – 48 kg Male                       Carolus Luijt (12)              Silver

44 – 48 kg Male                       Kiaran George (11)           Gold

44 – 48 kg Male                       Chad Moore (8)                Silver

48 – 52 kg Male                       Sherlon Clark (14)             Gold

48 – 52 kg Male                       Sebastian Cheung (14)      Silver

52 – 56 kg Male                       Paul Brown(15)                 Silver

52 – 56 kg Male                       Reuel Kerdijk (11)              Gold

65 – 68 kg Male                       Manish Laungani (17)         Silver



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