Police find machine gun in Cay Hill

POSTED: 10/28/11 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – Police found a 9-milimeter caliber Luger handgun in Cay Hill recently. The discovery was made by the Zero Tolerance because of a tip the police received. The gun was under a black bag with food in it.
The weapon was loaded with 9 millimeter bullets and is considered a machine gun, as it can be fired multiple times with one pull of the trigger.
Police have confiscated the weapon and the Forensics Department is running tests on the weapon which they believe is linked to a suspect they have in custody.
Police Spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson expressed the force’s concern about the fact that the gun was left in a public area where especially a child could have found it and harmed themselves or someone else.
“The police department is urging the entire community to immediately get on board and join with police department in this ongoing battle against crime on St. Maarten. This problem is not only a police problem, but a problem of the whole community. Keep the information coming in as we intend to clean our streets of all illegal weapons and other criminal activities. Another gun off the streets and many more to go,” Henson stated.

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